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Our Vision and Mission

We envision the Swiss Agile Network becoming a home to the leaders globally, working on evolving the world one step at a time.

To achieve his, we aspire to offer a platform where the best agile minds come to connect, exchange and learn how to evolve themselves & their organisations.

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Some thoughts

‘’Semantic diffusion occurs when you have a word that is coined a person or group, often with a pretty good definition, but then gets spread through the wider community in a way that weakens that definition. This weakening risks losing the definition entirely - and with it any usefulness to the term.

I'm partly prompted to write this because I see this semantic diffusion happening very publicly to two terms at the moment: 'agile' and 'Web2.0'. ’

This post about the Semantic Diffusion of the word ‘’Agile’’ by Martin Fowler was written in 2006. Today, not much has changed. 


As Theory Y believers, we aim to establish this community of deliberate practice, walk the path of untangling the world behind the word ‘’Agile’’ and, on that path, together become it.

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